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Year 20 Day 283 8:52
Are all the legends or canon systems possible to be disovered?


Sapin Syndicate
Year 20 Day 283 11:53
I would assume not all systems are currently in the game; but they will never announce when new systems are available, and they can add them to any sector at any point. So its more or less a guessing game most of the time.

Year 20 Day 284 11:38
Nessprestonay Aquarralectius
Nessprestonay Aquarralectius
Please don't mind I ask a few questions here that I think they should belong to the same category of the topic. Can planets be found outside of the current known sectors? Thanks.

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Year 20 Day 284 14:47
Kate Fryia
Kate Fryia
Planets can be found outside of currently known systems, by finding new systems. It is a long process though. (Normally, unless you are lucky)

Year 20 Day 284 15:38
Nessprestonay, all planets/systems should be within sector boundaries. You should not find anything outside a sector.


Year 20 Day 285 6:38
Nessprestonay Aquarralectius
Nessprestonay Aquarralectius
Thanks, Tomas. Because your symbols show you are one of admins, I will take your reply as answer. Please let me and don't mind I ask a little more questions about it and I believe the questions must be asked before. Is there any hidden sector in the game? It is not to say about any hidden sector currently existing in the game but any hidden sector that could be added into the game. And when a new system gets found, after how long will the finding be publicly announced? Thanks.

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Year 20 Day 285 12:03
Hidden sectors? No - all sectors are currently in the game, I do not believe there would be any to be added at this point in canon. As far as systems, they become public knowledge 7 days time.

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Year 20 Day 285 20:20
Nessprestonay Aquarralectius
Nessprestonay Aquarralectius
Thank you. The reply is the same as what I had read.

Year 20 Day 303 1:40
This thread has aged well :D

Year 20 Day 303 7:07
Only in 20days hahaha


Sapin Syndicate
Year 20 Day 303 13:44
I was watching this thread while working on the new content to add, but nobody outside the ASIM's and myself knew that it was coming. New galaxy content doesn't get shared or announced to anyone until it has been revealed, ASIM's don't even have access to view planet locations.

What Jevon said is still true, I cannot add hidden sectors in the same sense as hidden systems. Once given coordinates they will show on the map like every other sector.

The primary reason for adding a new sector is because all of our existing content comes from what is now Legends, where as any new stuff added in books or movies comes from Canon. Most of the time the locations will match, but in some instances the sector information clashes or puts things in different parts of the galaxy, or in sectors that don't exist. I am constantly working to add new content, that will benefit players, and fit within the greater galaxy that exists.

In this case a new sector was the best route. That won't usually be the case, but I won't write out adding others down the road. Either way, if a sector is added, it will be visible so don't bother trying to search for planets outside of visible sector boundaries.


Year 20 Day 305 8:32
Thanks for the answer Arjuna and for the new Sector/System.


Sapin Syndicate