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Archives » I can't figure out the e-mail address thing


Please make a detailed post about your problem. Just saying "I can't figure out the e-mail address thing" doesn't enable us to help you, since we have no idea what exactly your problem is.


There are stickies (the first 4 or 5 posts in this forum) that should answer all your questions. We've been getting a lot of e-mail questions recently. :)



My email address is not a free email but my website is hosted by Yahoo! - I pay for the hosting and the email addresses... but SW Combine sent me a reject saying that noah@noahmoyer.com is a free email address. Help!

Please try to join with using either webmaster@noahmoyer.com or admin@noahmoyer.com and we will accept it.



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Ok - but I will have to create another email address on my domain just for that reason - seems really silly... but thanks for the work-around.

It's not a work-around; it's a rule clearly stated in the rejection e-mail you received. (: It's how we confirm you are the owner of that domain name.

Rika Lawson
Rika Lawson
I've been thinking about that for a while, Syn. Technically, if my friend owns a domain, then he could make me a admin@whatever.com email address. It wouldn't really prove that I own the domain. Technically, and if I had several computers with several different IPs, I could make at least two characters with webmaster@ and admin@. I just need to make the first with webmaster@, change the email in it to some gmail or whatever else, then, a bit later, sign up with admin@

Yes, you can use someone else's webmaster/admin account, Lawson, but you can't use it without the owner's consent.

Since a personal domain can only be used to register one account, that means the domain owner won't ever be able to register with their domain e-mail address in the future.

If they're willing to consent to that, we have no problem with it and it is a valid method of registering an account.

However, your registered e-mail is entirely separate from the preferred e-mail you set in your account settings - even if you change it to a gmail address, the original e-mail address will continue to be associated with your account and cannot be reused.

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Also if someone creates an account with admin@ and then tries to join again (different IP) but with webmaster@ we can still catch it. For the comparison will show the other account; handle, email and 2 IPs (first join and last logged in)

It is how I get many people who join with an email that is mistyped and they try to join a second time.



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