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Year 20 Day 314 17:53
I am on the Planet Below and after I got off of the Ship I am unable to get back into it. Im not sure if it is because I dont own it and am just listed as the Pilot. Even When I scan area I cant see it. I go to the Location it shows at but it isnt showing up. My question is can I buy this ship from the Knigdom and see if that makes a difference. I dont want to be stuck on this Planet for ever.

Sector: Kiffex
System: Azurbani (-10, -130)
Planet: Kiffex (15, 9)
City: Ven Karya Sunport, "Deadend" (5, 1)
Ground: (20, 9)

ID# 900507
Baby razor
Owner: Tresario Star Kingdom
Commander: Ro-nin Linj
Pilot: Xenon Fister

Year 20 Day 314 18:06
Double check the location of the ship vs yourself on the ground.

Year 20 Day 314 18:10
Thanks...I have multiple times. Still no go.

Year 20 Day 314 18:40
It's docked inside the facility next to you.

Year 20 Day 339 22:49
Well, did he find it? This is good to keep in mind for when I get a ship. Hey, any economic suggestions for a cheap ship anywhere. May the Force help me
find one.

Year 20 Day 340 21:31
Either join a faction or check through the Traders Lounge and Commerce Threads. There are several groups that give away or loan out inexpensive ships and starter kits to brand new players. Usually Uglies or Cloakshape/H.

That /H is important. Regular Cloakshapes have no hyperdrive and leave you only marginally less trapped than no ship at all.