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Year 20 Day 333 23:16
I'm doing some income city optimisation using Statistics because I have a warped sense of fun. I've recovered some reasonable estimates of the FIM numbers for common facilities.

There are well-known estimates of the MNSF values but I want some experimental evidence.

Do the MNSF/SBR equations discriminate between income and non-income producing facilities? That is, can I purposefully build 10 taverns in a city, then close them/unassign the operator 1-by-1 each month to figure out the SBR threshold?

The letter of the rules page makes me think not; but it'd be good to have an official pronouncement on the subject.

Edited By: Alister Jacobs on Year 20 Day 333 23:19
Year 20 Day 333 23:29
The "total counts" used in the equations do not discriminate between income producing facilities. So your dastardly plan has been foiled.


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Year 20 Day 334 0:09
Peachy. Thanks Clarr.

I'll fall back to Plan B: Develop a Plan C.