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Setting up a faction forum

- Be Leader or 2IC of faction
- Go to Faction screen
- Click on the Faction Forum link.

This screen allows you to create your faction board, or allows you to add yourself as admin for the board (incase for some reason you are not admin).

Your board will be created with a default category and default forum. The default forum will be public but can be changed by an admin.

Each faction can only have one associated board.

You can use HTML in forum description, but it is restricted the same way HTML in forum posts are.


Forum Moderators and Board Admin

Forum moderators can sticky, move, edit and delete messages and threads within a particular forum.

Board admin can view all forums within the board, can moderate all forums within the board, and can add, edit and delete new forums, and can add new admin and forum moderators.

Board admin and moderators are not affected by faction membership: if one leaves your faction you will need to manually remove them if you wish them to not have admin access.

Creating Forums

You can create new categories and forums on the Forums admin page.

All forums must be within a category.

Category order can be changed by modifying the position field.

Forum order can be modified by modifying the position field.

Forum Permissions

Forums have permissions that restrict who can see and interact with given forums. If permissions are blank, any logged in character can access the forum. (It is not possible to have a faction forum be visible to non-logged guests due to spam reasons).

The forum permission field can contain:

A faction membership command: "faction:Galactic Empire" - Grants access to any member of the faction Galactic Empire.

A faction membership command with privilege ID: "factionPriv:New Republic:14:16" Grants access to any member of the faction New Republic with the faction privilege "14:16" (which is "Production: Can Construct Facilities").

A handle "Zhao Yun" - Grants access to character named Zhao Yun.

Any of the above separated by semicolons, which will mean ANY of the conditions can be satisfied:
"faction:Galactic Empire; factionPriv:New Republic:14:16; Zhao Yun"
(This privilege allows any member of the Galactic Empire, OR any member of the new Republic with Production: Can Construct Facilities priv OR Character named Zhao Yun)


Board admins, forum moderators, and SWC Game Assistants have implicit access to faction forums.

You can check your forum permissions by hovering over the padlock in the top left corner, which will show in human readable terms what your forum is restricted to. If you do not see a particular permission clause printed here, it is likely you have made a typo and the clause is being ignored.

Privilege IDs:

The following are examples of filtering by permission. The syntax and IDs for the permission may change in the future:

factionPriv:New Republic:1:2 -> "Members: Set Infofields"
factionPriv:New Republic:1:4 -> "Members: View Memberlist"
factionPriv:New Republic:1:8 -> "Members: Accept/Decline Members"
factionPriv:New Republic:1:16 -> "Members: Expel Members"
factionPriv:New Republic:1:32 -> "Members: Faction Leader"
factionPriv:New Republic:1:64 -> "Members: Recruit Liaison"
factionPriv:New Republic:2:2 -> "Finance: View Faction Credits"
factionPriv:New Republic:2:4 -> "Finance: Send Faction Credits"
factionPriv:New Republic:2:8 -> "Finance: See Faction Transaction Sheet"
factionPriv:New Republic:2:16 -> "Finance: View Budgets"
factionPriv:New Republic:2:32 -> "Finance: Modify Budgets"
factionPriv:New Republic:2:64 -> "Finance: Set Tax Levels"
factionPriv:New Republic:3:2 -> "Privileges: May Give Privileges They Have"
factionPriv:New Republic:3:4 -> "Privileges: May Change Door Codes"
factionPriv:New Republic:3:8 -> "Privileges: Can Protect Faction Assets"
factionPriv:New Republic:3:16 -> "Privileges: Can View Combat Events"
factionPriv:New Republic:3:32 -> "Privileges: Can make and delete priv templates"
factionPriv:New Republic:4:2 -> "Ship: View Ships"
factionPriv:New Republic:4:4 -> "Ship: Assign Ships"
factionPriv:New Republic:4:8 -> "Ship: Rename & Describe Ships"
factionPriv:New Republic:4:16 -> "Ship: Make Over Ships"
factionPriv:New Republic:5:2 -> "Vehicle: View Vehicles"
factionPriv:New Republic:5:4 -> "Vehicle: Assign Vehicles"
factionPriv:New Republic:5:8 -> "Vehicle: Rename & Describe Vehicles"
factionPriv:New Republic:5:16 -> "Vehicle: Make Over Vehicles"
factionPriv:New Republic:6:2 -> "Item: View Items"
factionPriv:New Republic:6:4 -> "Item: Assign Items"
factionPriv:New Republic:6:8 -> "Item: Describe Items"
factionPriv:New Republic:6:16 -> "Item: Make Over Items"
factionPriv:New Republic:7:2 -> "Droid: View Droids"
factionPriv:New Republic:7:4 -> "Droid: Assign Droids"
factionPriv:New Republic:7:8 -> "Droid: Rename & Describe Droids"
factionPriv:New Republic:7:16 -> "Droid: Make Over Droids"
factionPriv:New Republic:8:2 -> "Arrest Execute: Enforce Arrest Warrants"
factionPriv:New Republic:8:4 -> "Arrest Execute: Enforce Death Warrants"
factionPriv:New Republic:8:8 -> "Arrest Execute: Release Prisoners"
factionPriv:New Republic:8:16 -> "Arrest Execute: Issue Arrest Warrants"
factionPriv:New Republic:8:32 -> "Arrest Execute: Issue Death Warrants"
factionPriv:New Republic:8:64 -> "Arrest Execute: Modify IFF List"
factionPriv:New Republic:8:128 -> "Arrest Execute: Security Authorisations"
factionPriv:New Republic:9:2 -> "GNS: Social"
factionPriv:New Republic:9:4 -> "GNS: Military"
factionPriv:New Republic:9:8 -> "GNS: Political"
factionPriv:New Republic:9:16 -> "GNS: Economic"
factionPriv:New Republic:9:32 -> "GNS: Censorship"
factionPriv:New Republic:10:2 -> "Station: View Space Stations"
factionPriv:New Republic:10:4 -> "Station: Assign Space Stations"
factionPriv:New Republic:10:8 -> "Station: Rename & Describe Space Stations"
factionPriv:New Republic:10:16 -> "Station: Make Over Space Stations"
factionPriv:New Republic:10:32 -> "Station: Station Control Room Access"
factionPriv:New Republic:10:64 -> "Station: Accept Station Construction Requests"
factionPriv:New Republic:11:2 -> "Facility: View Facilities"
factionPriv:New Republic:11:4 -> "Facility: Assign Facilities"
factionPriv:New Republic:11:8 -> "Facility: Rename & Describe Facilities"
factionPriv:New Republic:11:16 -> "Facility: Make Over Facilities"
factionPriv:New Republic:11:32 -> "Facility: Facility Control Room Access"
factionPriv:New Republic:11:64 -> "Facility: Accept Facility Construction Requests"
factionPriv:New Republic:12:2 -> "Materials: View Raw Materials"
factionPriv:New Republic:12:4 -> "Materials: Merge Raw Materials"
factionPriv:New Republic:12:8 -> "Materials: Rename & Merge Raw Materials"
factionPriv:New Republic:12:16 -> "Materials: Make Over Raw Materials"
factionPriv:New Republic:13:2 -> "NPC: View NPCs"
factionPriv:New Republic:13:4 -> "NPC: Assign NPCs"
factionPriv:New Republic:13:8 -> "NPC: Describe NPCs"
factionPriv:New Republic:13:16 -> "NPC: Make Over NPCs"
factionPriv:New Republic:14:2 -> "Production: Can Produce in Facilities"
factionPriv:New Republic:14:4 -> "Production: Can Produce in Stations"
factionPriv:New Republic:14:8 -> "Production: Can Assign Datacards"
factionPriv:New Republic:14:16 -> "Production: Can Construct Facilities"
factionPriv:New Republic:14:32 -> "Production: Can Create Cities"
factionPriv:New Republic:14:64 -> "Production: Can Construct Space Stations"
factionPriv:New Republic:15:2 -> "Cities: View Cities & Hidden Cities, Planet And Systems The Faction Controls"
factionPriv:New Republic:15:4 -> "Cities: Assign Cities"
factionPriv:New Republic:15:8 -> "Cities: Rename & Describe Cities"
factionPriv:New Republic:15:16 -> "Cities: Make Over Cities"
factionPriv:New Republic:15:64 -> "Cities: Accept City Construction Requests"
factionPriv:New Republic:16:2 -> "Creature: View Creatures"
factionPriv:New Republic:16:4 -> "Creature: Assign Creatures"
factionPriv:New Republic:16:8 -> "Creature: Rename & Describe Creatures"
factionPriv:New Republic:16:16 -> "Creature: Make Over Creatures"
factionPriv:New Republic:17:2 -> "Planets: View Planets"
factionPriv:New Republic:17:4 -> "Planets: Assign Planets"
factionPriv:New Republic:18:2 -> "NPC Management: Purchase NPCs"
factionPriv:New Republic:18:4 -> "NPC Management: Edit NPCs"
factionPriv:New Republic:18:8 -> "NPC Management: Fire NPCs"
factionPriv:New Republic:19:2 -> "Stock: View Stocks"
factionPriv:New Republic:19:16 -> "Stock: Make Over Stocks"
factionPriv:New Republic:20:2 -> "Datacard: View Datacards"
factionPriv:New Republic:21:2 -> "Second In Command: Second in Command"
factionPriv:New Republic:22:2 -> "Tags: Assign Tags"
factionPriv:New Republic:22:4 -> "Tags: Rename Tags"
factionPriv:New Republic:22:8 -> "Tags: Create Tags"
factionPriv:New Republic:22:16 -> "Tags: Delete Tags"
factionPriv:New Republic:23:2 -> "Combat: View Combat Reports and Logs"
factionPriv:New Republic:23:4 -> "Combat: Modify Garrison Reserve"
factionPriv:New Republic:23:8 -> "Combat: Launch Garrison Squads"

Permissions by infofield:


factionInfofield:New Republic:2:Transport Division
will only allow people within New Republic with Infofield 2 set to "Transport Division"


Moderators can ban people from individual forums. Forum admins can ban characters from entire boards. A shadow ban means any future posts made can only be viewed by moderators.

Deleting & Dissolution

What happens if my faction is dissolved? Forums are not deleted, their name changes and they become disconnected from the faction.

Currently there is no way for players to delete a faction forum after it has been created.

Early Adopters

Please note that there may be permission issues/information leak/bugs for early adopters. If you do find an information leak, please do not abuse it, please let the owner of the forum know, and/or please report it via a private bug or via a support ticket.

If you have any questions about setting up forums, you can ask them in this thread.

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Argo Viridian
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Year 20 Day 344 5:42
Is there any way to perhaps get a list of who has permission to view the forum with the current permissions?


Jic Uiji

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Year 20 Day 344 12:45
There is not because it could reveal private information. Hover over padlock icon for human readable permissions. If padlock exists to see the forum at least one condition must be met.


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Year 21 Day 284 5:50
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Is there a way to exclude a person based on infofield - say "Faction Hopper"?

Year 21 Day 285 16:26
No, permissions are only inclusive.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
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