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Year 20 Day 360 0:56
Shyanna Jovanovic
Shyanna Jovanovic
Are there any systems that are completely filled with Interdictors/you cannot leave?


Angels we have heard on high.
Year 20 Day 360 2:01
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
Interdictors are disabled for years.

Year 20 Day 361 13:09
Shyanna Jovanovic
Shyanna Jovanovic
Oh, I didn't know that. That's pretty lame :(


Angels we have heard on high.
Year 20 Day 361 13:12
The Empire's interdictors were enabled for a brief period but it was considered unfair as there was no way to counter the feature. Jumping into hyper from a gravity well at the risk of damaging your ship was also briefly implemented as a way to escape systems that were fully-interdicted, but both were eventually disabled.

I believe I recall being pulled from hyperspace somewhere in the Core due to an active interdictor. I also remember damaging a light freighter just jumping out of a gravity well, though I don't think an interdictor was involved in that one.


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Year 20 Day 361 13:26
With the ability to repair ships now, it is optional that we could see that re-implemented sooner than we would think. Doesnt mean we will, but the option is there now.