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Archives » How to capture Pirate ships/droids?
Byogahe Zapalo
Byogahe Zapalo
Hi, I’ll like to ask how can I capture Pirate ships and droids that are hostile?

Additionally, if the captured ships and droids are damaged, how do I proceed to repair them to perfect conditions?

Thanks in advance!

For droids, they must first be disabled (ionic set to 0) and then you apply a Restraining Bolt to capture them.

For ships, they have to be disabled, then (someone correct me if I'm wrong) you board them and use an Electronic Lock Breaker to attempt to capture it.

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The only things to add are: Ships can only be captured if Bandits (in asteroid fields) and are repaired in entities they can be docked in, with appropriate materials and using the Repair function. (General interface, within production options)
Droids are a little different. Outside of Derra and Serroco, they also need to be bandits to attack. The repair is done with equipped Droid Parts and the repair option (via actions)

Byogahe Zapalo
Byogahe Zapalo
Sorry this is a little late, but how do you disabled (ionic set to 0) droids? Can any weapon do?

To disable a droid's ionic capacity, you'll need to use a weapon that deals ionic damage. Iirc, the only personal weapons that do that are the Jawa Ionisation Blaster and the TB-1A Ionisation Blaster.

It's tricky, because you have to take down the ionic stat without destroying the droid. But if you only use ion weapons, the others in the droid's party can keep plinking away at you and your party and you could lose an NPC (and its gear). I would suggest looking at the weapons in the other party and the weapons you are using (with particular attention to the minimum and maximum range stats) and working out a strategy. Happy hunting!

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