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Year 21 Day 10 1:02
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
I need some advice on helping me figure out where I want to go. And what stats I should focus on upgrading. I'm not completely certain what stats I should focus on. When I started the combine I wanted to be a pilot. And I still do. My best skills are fighter/freighter combat. Fighter\Freghter piloting Dodge Dexterity Vehicle piloting and slicing. Everything else is pretty low or empty. I'm unsure what to upgrade next.


Year 21 Day 10 1:18
If you want to specialize completely in your space fighter game I suggest thinking about getting space command. Since garrisons could potentially become important this skill would improve your performance.

Or you want to be the perfect transporter, then maybe spent more in capital piloting to be able to move every ship as fast as possible.

Depends on what you want to do.

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Year 21 Day 11 12:43
Vaya Pryde
Vaya Pryde
I'd wait until the next release of content before spending your points.

Year 21 Day 12 6:10
Another option could be repair, if you want to fix your ships yourself.