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Year 21 Day 158 13:35
Shyanna Jovanovic
Shyanna Jovanovic
Stockpile for when a use is assigned? If they are made integral to say RnD, price will skyrocket.


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Year 21 Day 188 9:23
Dahm Johnson
Dahm Johnson
I had a issue where I and another member of my faction could not have the RMS mined from a asteroid field go straight to the faction. I know this was changed but now. I'm able to have the RMS go straight to the faction but 2 members of my faction don't have this option when starting to mine a deposit. Is their something specific that needs to be assigned to them or is this a bug

Year 21 Day 188 9:44
Yup, they need the "Can Perform Mining" privilege from the faction.

Year 21 Day 188 12:24
Dahm Johnson
Dahm Johnson
Thank you I see that now it was weird that my faction leader didn't have that assigned.

Year 21 Day 188 13:56
The behavior is a bit odd when new privileges are created. Leaders are required to visit the privileges page in order for the system to update correctly.

Year 21 Day 191 15:27
When prospecting and finding a deposit, but it is not revealed, you can reprospect the same square to try again.

Regarding this, is there a minimum time to wait before reprospecting can be successful?

I ask because I prospected 7 times within the same day, the same deposit, and failed each time. I came back after approximately 24 hours, reprospected, and succeeded on the first try.

I fully acknowledge that could be RNG/coincidence. But with a 60% success rate, failing 7 times in a row was more than three sigma so I wanted to double check. Thanks.

Year 21 Day 191 17:27
The calculations are independently random. There's no required cooldown between attempts.

Year 21 Day 191 19:05
Thank you for the quick reply!


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Year 23 Day 310 7:27
Kar`tayl Verd
Kar`tayl Verd
You will be notified of the distance to the nearest unrevealed deposit if it is within 2 units of your location. 

Is it possible for multiple deposits to spawn in the same 5x5 Y-8 scanning area? If there are 2 deposits within distance 2, would it show “the nearest is 2” or would it mention both deposits?

Year 23 Day 310 8:10
Kar`tayl Verd
Kar`tayl Verd
I answered my own question:
You have completed prospecting within the Asteroid Field… You found 13,892 units of Rockivory. Sensors have picked up a strong trace for an unknown deposit 1 square away. 

Follow up question: the rules seem to read that contrary to multiple RM deposits in the same 5x5 square, you WOULD receive notifications of both the nearest RMs AND the nearest habitable asteroid in the same 5x5 square. Can anyone confirm that?

Year 23 Day 310 12:03
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
If there are 2 deposits within distance 2, it will just say there is a faint trace 2 squares away. It will not indicate there are 2 of them.

There is a separate notification to materials for any traces of planetoids.



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