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Archives » Are Explosives considered a Nonprojectile Weapon
I have been reviewing explosives in the rules page some have +2 or +3 etc requirment to not suffer an accuracy penality but there is no mention in the index as to what that skill is. The only mention to skills are setup damage and disarm.

Explosives are not non-projectile weapons; they are explosives. For specific combat rules you will need to wait, as combat is not currently being programmed.



Thanks Syn actually I was thinking about RP and if my character had the skills to use which exploisves there. So going forward,until combat comes out, would it be safe to just look at the setup requirments and ignore the skill requirments?

If you are looking specifically at thrown explosives such as grenades, an approximate calculation is already listed on the rules page; something about strength and dexterity, I believe.

Your character can use any weapons (aside from something such as lightsabers, or faction-specific equipment) and any explosives, regardless of skill. In RP and scenarios, the recommended skill is not taken into account because exact skills are rarely asked for to begin with.



Cheers Thanks Syn

Anyone who can get hold of a lightsaber will be able to use one, you might just suck with it.

That said, it is likely to be rather hard to get hold of one.


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