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Archives » Abilities gained by becoming Manager/Operator or Pilot/Commander
I've been a group leader for a long enough time, I don't know if I've ever had the need to find out this information.

I did some limited searching on the rules pages, but turned up no information.

If I assign someone to be manager, operator or both, what kinds of things can they do then with the facility?
Likewise, if someone is made a pilot, commander or both of a ship or vehicle, what can they do?

That SOUNDS like something you would put on the privileges rules page, but I saw nothing.

Manager/Commander can rename, and assign someone as Operator/Pilot. They cannot change whether or not the facility is open to crewlist/faction/all.

Operator can access the control room of a facility, including the ability to unload things stored inside it, control the crewlist, etc.

Pilot can fly the ship, control crewlist, unload ships/vehicles/people, etc.

Someone else might know more.


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