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Year 7 Day 194 13:43

Do other players show up as icons on your screen?
Isn't 4 hours a long time to wait to fire again?
Lightsabers were not listed in the non-projectile weapons section. Can Jedi and Sith use them?
How fast does it usually take to increase a level?


Year 7 Day 194 14:00
1. Only if you view their profile and only if its public.

2. Yes it is, but its all about the real-time around here. (I wouldn't ask to get the time shortened, they frown upon that)

3. ONLY Jedi and Sith can use them. And you probably won't see one until combat comes out.

4. Increase in level is determined by many factors. It can take a few weeks or a few months depending on skills, activity, etc...its a long complicated process. i don't think there is an "average" time for leveling.


Year 7 Day 194 14:00
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Year 7 Day 194 14:03

Do you know the lightsaber's stats?
When is combat expected to come out? Do you mean there is no fighting with anyone yet?

Year 7 Day 194 14:56
First post questions:

1. If you are within scanning distance, other players will show up as icons on your display, yes.

2. The Combine is delayed real time. Given that your character is always "on" in the game environment, how would you feel if you went to sleep, and woke up dead because we could fire every 15 minutes, and you'd died no more than an hour after you logged off?

3. Only Jedi and Sith can CREATE lightsabers. Anyone will be able to use one if they can get their hands on it, which isn't to say they'll be able to use them WELL. The Rules are still under discussion, but will be visible long before combat.

4. The first few XP levels should go fairly quickly once you can get aboard a ship and travel around. But each level is harder to get to, so it takes longer and longer the higher you get in level.

Second post questions:

1. Lightsaber stats are one of the things still under discussion. Expect them to do a serious amount of damage, though. Better than other non-projectile weapons, for a decently-made lightsaber. Likely each saber will be individual.

2. Combat will come out when everything leading up to combat is done. You can brawl with certain NPCs at the moment for a little XP, although it is not possible to die. There are also rules for arresting and executing characters, which can be done by certain groups under certain situation. I suggest you look up the rules for it.


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Year 7 Day 194 16:52

As a response to your second answer, when a player logs off, isn't it not possible to hit them? All I'm saying is, these rules handicap people who don't play much.

Do you have any concrete dates for when combat comes into effect? That's the entire reason I want to play.

Thanks, you were really helpful.

Year 7 Day 194 17:46
Sorry no concrete dates, for we are all volunteers here. We alll have jobs/school and lives away from our computers.

Actually it is the opposite, it supports those that can not be online as much.



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Year 7 Day 194 18:11
Guest, when a player logs off they remain present in the galaxy and do not disappear. As such, it will indeed still be possible to attack them.