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Year 7 Day 195 4:28

Hi there,

I'm Todor Ginchev and I've got an interesting problem.
www.swcombine.com is in my work's blacklist of 2000 sites.

That is not something too important, but there is a way for me to use it nevertheless this obstacle. This way is through the ip Yes this is SWC's ip and if you type it, the logon page will appear. That's how I'm in the forum atm by the way.

There is one problem though - when you enter your logon credentials and press "Logon", the site uses a straight link "http://www.swcombine.com/process.php" to the next page. As you can see the forbidden string "www.swcombine.com" is present and I get a message: ISA server denied your request to the following page...

If the link is done with a relative URL, like this: "./process.php" instead, I'll be able to get inside the game and actually use the site through the ip.

Is that possible? (Whom to buy the drinks for that?)

Todor Ginchev

Year 7 Day 195 13:24
We could do that, but many links are absolute, not relative (especially the menus).

I will do it tomorrow.

Btw, what company do you work for ? :)


Sim Master Veynom

*** This post is written on 100% recyclable electrons. ***
Year 7 Day 196 3:36

ING :)

International Netherlands Group...

Year 7 Day 197 9:00
Zen Savo
Zen Savo
Um... What exactly is IGN? (Just wondering but if this is unnessecary, delete it)

Year 7 Day 197 17:14
ING, not IGN. International Netherlands Group, he said. If you're interested, you can google it, but that isn't a SWC-related question so please try to stay on topic.



Year 7 Day 198 6:41
Zen Savo
Zen Savo
Sorry Syn...