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Year 7 Day 195 11:29

Can anyone give me some sort of general dates (months, days, a year) for when combat will come out?

Why do weapons take so long to fire? They should just fire more, but do less damage. The way it is now I will only be able to fire once every time I play.


Year 7 Day 195 12:34

Oh, and if you die, do you have to make an entirely new character, or con you pick up where you left off?

What is an example of the xp of a medium level person?

Thanks again.

Year 7 Day 195 13:02
I will repeat what I said before about dates: Sorry no concrete dates, for we are all volunteers here. We alll have jobs/school and lives away from our computers. Delays happen, people quit, computers break down, etc etc

Delay is there so that when you goto sleep you do not come back and find your enemy has fired at you 20 times and killed you, it gives you time to react.

Sorry no examples for xp, for not all things have been programmed yet that will give xp. And there is really is no medium level person, everyone continues to grow with their character.

And when some dies, they have to wait 3weeks before creating a new character. And then pick only from the race's starting location or faction's starting location (if they joined a faction before picking a starting location)

Now I am sorry if I am treating you as the same person, for I have no idea if you were separate. If you are two different people, please start you own post.

And this was not a problem and it was not urgent at all. If you have further questions, please login to IRC and talk to one of the help staff there (#swc-help)



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Year 7 Day 195 13:09

What's IRC?

Year 7 Day 195 13:21
For live chatting: http://www.swcombine.com/community/chat/ will tell more. For the combine not only uses the website and database, but all aspects of the internet. Email, instant messenger, irc (chatting) personal websites, everything.



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Year 7 Day 195 13:32
People have been estimating combat as a couple of years away since I joined the game 6 years ago. So take the best guess, and add a couple of years. The add another year to account for computer problems. And one more for people quitting. And then another for major bugs in systems that are put in before combat. So, you can probably look at around 2013 for combat.

So if all you want to do is shoot people, come back then and check.

Of course, at that point all those of us who will have been here well over a decade will completely slaughter you every time you stick your head out waving a blaster around... but you'll be able to try and shoot people, at least.

And since Ranma was just a little unclear, you have to create an entirely new character if you are killed. Character death is complete and permanent. Dead means dead.


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Year 7 Day 195 14:22

Thanks. Just to clarify, I don't want to shoot, people, but rather to be a bodyguard, which is sort of not nessesary now.

Year 7 Day 195 15:26
While you'd not serve much of a function as a bodyguard presently, the longer you're playing your character, the more XP you have a chance of getting, and the more wanted your increased capabilities will be.


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Year 7 Day 195 15:52
Aw, Wil, I was trying to be subtle with that point!

Anyway, since about 90% of any bodyguard's job is just following a guy around, you can do at least that much in the interim.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.