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Archives » Gishank Krogoth: I'm sad now!!!!

Okay, loads of my mates play swcombine, so i thought i might join my clan. I tried regitering once before but i entered the incorrect email address thus i never knew if it was accepted. I then tried again but it gets rejected due to being suspicious. My ip was the same as another user and that my email was fake (gishank@kcorphq.co.uk). I also sent this email at the time i regitered to prove it wasn't a fake address...

[Quote="Non-Fake Email Addy"]
Hello, i just registered on combine with the email gishank@kcorphq.co.uk, and the username Gishank Krogoth, as you can see obviously this email isn't fake, and i only have one account, i couldn't do a admin@kcorphq.co.uk or webmaster@kcorphq.comaste due to me being silly and forgetting to read, so could you please follow up my registration and contact me. Thanks.[/Quote]

Now, admins please tell me why it was rejected, i do not have two accounts. I joined to join my clan. Thanks, in advance...

//Gishank Krogoth.

Actually, you might have two accounts..

I tried regitering once before but i entered the incorrect email address thus i never knew if it was accepted. 

What handle or e-mail address did you register with this first time, that you never received a response? It is possible that it was approved, in which case someone will be able to change the e-mail address so you can access it.

Second, there is no "Fake E-mail Address" rejection message; the closest would be if you were rejected for using a free e-mail address. You can use any ISP e-mail address, or if you are using a private domain you need to use the webmaster/admin e-mail. Once you've logged in you can set a free e-mail and disable the registration e-mail if you like.

Third, we call them factions rather than clans. (:




Gishank:i think i registered wiyth the email gishank@dxkcorp.mobstop.com :P the new one i tried to register which is the main account was gishank@kcorphq.co.uk is there any way you can change the email to gishank@kcorphq.co.uk and re send my passworD?The ones i said were on;ine.

No matches for either the name or the e-mail address (I checked gishank*), so you should be set to register again and hopefully this attempt will be approved without any problems.




Gishank: Hmm, i've tried again neways, hopefully it works, combine seems like a great MMO, thanks for your help.

Gishank Krogoth
Gishank Krogoth
Yey it worked, gishank krogoth is on the scene