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Year 7 Day 200 4:46

Do I get a message on my e-mail if my handle is rejected?
I have waited for 36 hours allready and nothing happened.
How much time do I have to wait after rejecting , until I can try again?

Year 7 Day 200 5:14
Yes, you should get an email with the reason why your account was rejected. Please look through your spam folders since our emails get sent there from time to time.
If you still don't have an email there, try using the "lost password" feature on the front page. You should either get an email with a new password or a message about your account status.


Year 7 Day 200 5:39

Ichecked my email and there is nothing there, and when I use the "lost password" button I get an "invalid email" message.Maybe its my google mail type of account.

Year 7 Day 200 5:57
If you used your gmail account, then it was rejected. You have to use a non-free email to sign up. Rules can be found here:


Year 7 Day 200 6:22

Well ,when I used my yahoo mail it was not accepted from the start, but with the google account I had no trouble,that's why I thought that it was ok to use it.It would be a good idea to reject from the start the google accounts too, like the yahoo ones.Where can I get a non-free email?

Year 7 Day 200 7:37
google mail is banned, it looks like this:

Non-free email is either: ISP provider, work email, school email, military email or private domain with webmaster@ or admin@ or even info@



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Year 7 Day 200 20:20
I declined someone who signed up with an e-mail; that sounds like it might have been you. If that is the case, just register again with a valid e-mail address and you should be approved.

Year 7 Day 201 0:21

Where should a student from Moldova(that' somewhere in the central Europe between Romania and Ukraine) get a non-free email?Our schools have no internet connection, I've just applyed for a job, my ISP asks 20$ and a lot of paperwork for an non-free email.Does anybody have a spare email,for me to "rent"?:)

Year 7 Day 201 14:55
Any ISP e-mail address is fine; you don't need to pay extra if they already offer you one. If that is not an option, perhaps you have some friends or family whose e-mail address you could use to register? Once you have an account you can log in and set a free e-mail address.

Please open your own thread next time rather than posting in another user's.

Year 7 Day 201 23:56

I'm the same user ,so I posted in my thread

Year 7 Day 202 3:09
Works for me. So have you been able to work out whether you'll be able to use someone else's e-mail address temporarily, or are you still having difficulty?

Year 7 Day 202 5:31

Why dosen't Shadow Stalker work for a name??

Year 7 Day 202 6:39

That was not me (the last post).And I stiil can't find a non-free e-mail to use ,even temporarily.I've asked all my friends about am email ,but the only answer I've recieved was:"Do you think I've got nothing better to do than to pay for an email?".I still really want to join ,so if someone sees this post and wants to offer me his email for one use then I'm here.:)(How's my english?)

Year 7 Day 204 4:38
They don't need to pay for it; generally ISPs offer e-mail addresses at no additional charge, and those are accepted. I would offer to let you use one of my extra ISP e-mail accounts, but unfortunately they are currently in use by friends of mine. /: Your English is fine.

(Shadow Stalker isn't a name; read the Character Creation rules linked in your rejection e-mail, and open your own thread please.)

Year 7 Day 204 6:12

I think this thread has transformed into a dialogue, and we should transfer it to a chat or something.I'm still trying to join.

Year 7 Day 204 13:21
You can get up in chat at in #swc-help.



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