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Year 7 Day 203 4:57
Veldrin Dukar
Veldrin Dukar
What do I do I came out of the Welcome Center and then walk 45 mins to the shop to check it out now how do I leave the planet?

Year 7 Day 203 5:41
Xeon Cartagho
Xeon Cartagho
You need a ship to leave the planet, you can have a ship if you join a faction, they usualy will assign a ship for you.

Year 7 Day 206 4:47
Kai Xaviar
Kai Xaviar
If you're waiting for pick up you could travel on foot to gain exp while you wait or hire a speeder if available to gain experience also.

Helps to keep you busy.



Those who stand for no-one, fall for anyone.

Year 7 Day 219 2:12

Just hired a rental vehicle but im having trouble boarding was getting kinda bored of waiting 15 mins to move one square so decided to try a vehicle yet I cant even board it please help


I Fly I Shoot I Drive
Year 7 Day 219 4:44
Step 1: Open your own thread. Your problem is not even related to the original topic. Now I have to lock it. /:

Step 2: Explain the problem. Why are you unable to board? Are you getting any errors? If so, what are they? If not, what is it doing rather than letting you board?

Please open a new topic and elaborate a bit so we can help you.