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Year 7 Day 205 14:07
It still boggles my mind that after all these years people still don't know what ICQ is. I suppose those of us who have been on the internet for god knows how long take for granted the simple things like ICQ or how to set up an e-mail account. I know I do.

This is going to sound stupid, and I might even get flamed for it. But, why not put a little paragraph or something in the proper area that says what ICQ is?

Again, it boggles my mind that people don't know what it is, but I see dozens of help posts in wich people are just torn to peices trying to figure it out.

Then again, i suppose if they won't take the time to Google ICQ to find out what it is then they shouldn't be here. Just an idea.

EDIT: Whats even more boggling is that they can't take the time to google ICQ, but they can find thier way here to ask about it. I was here for over a year before I found the forums. Probably shouldn't admit that....:P

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Year 7 Day 205 14:35
It's not that surprising, given how much AOL has messed up ICQ and the resulting fall it has had from favour. There was a time when it was the only IM program. Then for a long time it was still the best. Now it's mediocre at best.


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Year 7 Day 205 16:03
I can remember when ICQ was THE Im program. I never used it until I joined SWC.


Year 7 Day 206 12:49
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson
*flaunts his 7 digit ICQ number*


Year 7 Day 206 14:35
I have one of those, too. ^_^

It isn't an extremely common question, though; it just arises once in a while. Linking the word ICQ on the join form would be sufficient if someone's got spare time on their hands.

Year 7 Day 206 21:01
I have the spare time, just not the capacity. :)

I suppose if its not the problem I thought it was then its not that big of a deal. You could probably close this.


Year 7 Day 208 20:00
Added a tooltip next to ICQ on the Join form months ago.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 209 14:09
And that's why you make the big Khan bucks. Now if only people would READ the dammed tooltip.....