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Year 7 Day 207 17:46
When will production be released in SWC???


Year 7 Day 207 17:50
Like every feature, Production will be released WHEN IT'S DONE.


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Year 7 Day 207 20:31
It is not like we don't have jobs or school and lives that take up time away from the computer (like sleep and going out for cold one) or even a brand new baby (like the simmaster just had) We are not paid, we do this because we love star wars. So giving a date is impossible.



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Year 7 Day 207 20:47
it is sad that u have to explain that, you know. oh and congrats Sim master!!



Year 7 Day 212 2:47
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook
I am mkaing an apology for Brydn to you all he is just frustrated that there is not much to do with the IA at the moment. There is security lol but there is only citys to protech nothing that much like cargo.

Year 7 Day 212 9:51
then do what any other group has done over the years, use your imagination to come up with things to do.


Year 7 Day 212 17:56
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook
Thats exactly what where doing but there getting less less.

Year 7 Day 213 19:05
Cypher Diaz
Cypher Diaz
It ain't that hard, do as everyone else and build FI :P

Year 7 Day 213 22:34
Adam Foxx
Adam Foxx
Get a girlfriend. She'll take up 90% of your free time.

Year 7 Day 215 3:26
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook
lol nice adam nice