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Year 7 Day 209 9:49
Cayo Hueso
Cayo Hueso
I log on and I see a map. There is a lot of text. Nothing is moving and there is nothing to see. Is this all there is to the game? Where is the scenery and the other characters moving around? Is this a text-based game? How boring if it is. Please explain.

Year 7 Day 209 13:44
Hexx Harpy
Hexx Harpy
If you expect the SWC to be like Morrowind in a Star Wars universe, be prepared for a disappointment. If you dont like it, try something else.


- mobilis in mobili -
Year 7 Day 209 14:11
The game is actually a lot more involved than it would seema t first glance. yes there aren't any cool flashy things or badass combat scense and stuff like that, but its still a very involved and entertaining game. (I hate using the word game to describe SWC...)

Once you join a faction and get a feel for how it all works around here, you might change your opinion. I said the same thing when I started.


Year 7 Day 209 14:59
What do you expect for something that is free and that is being made by fans like yourself. Programmers, artists, administrators, rule writers, ircops, helpers of all sorts have lives away from their computers, be it work or school or family. It takes time to create something that one day might be better than anything the professionals have put together in the star wars universe.



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Year 7 Day 209 16:56
If you don't understand it, read the guide.

If you don't like it, feel free to leave.