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Year 7 Day 209 10:49
Tyr Vek
Tyr Vek
I'm still dead. I'm also leaving on a 8,000 mile trip tonight and won't be back until almost my respawn so before I go here's the story for the Assistant Simmasters to review:

I was on my way to the Bright Jewal system from Lorell, with six T-wings in formation, when I lost the ETA function on my ship. I had heard that there were some problems with hyperspace being addressed so I didn't sweat it and a couple days later I came out of hyperspace right on time.

But not in formation, and not in control. When I arrived in the Bright Jewal system I had lost my 5 wingmen and could not set a course in the cockpit. I decided to use standard repair procedure #1 to address the problem- that is, I decided to log out and see if it worked tomorrow.

That usually works. This time, however, when I attempted to log in I got an error message. Assuming the Combine was down again (hey, it happens) I employed standard repair procedure #1. Two days later, still unable to get logged on I was IRCing and asked if anyone else was having problems getting logged on. It was just me. Someone gave me a link the SWC rules page and that allowed me to log onto the Combine to discover I was dead.

Apparently Tyr fell into a star while I was offline and since I had my settings set to bring up the cockpit first thing during log on I got caught in a situation where I couldn't log on because the cockpit I was trying to load no longer existed.

I reported this to the Assistant Simmaster's email, as I have never been able to get the bug report system to work for me (separate problem) and I received assurances from Ranma Saotoma that my death was the result of a Combine bug and my character would be restored.

This was some time ago, and I have heard little since.

For convienance allow me to detail the condition of my character, Tyr Vek, at the time of her demise should the Administration wish to resurrect her:

3rd level with 3,361 Accumulated XP

Last known position: In hyperspace enroute to the Bright Jewal system from Lorell.

1 Share of Astralwerks Engineering
1 Share of Haor Chall Engineering
1 Share of Biotech
1 Share of Drax Industries
1 Share of Myorzo Weapon Systems
1 Share of Haven
1 Share of Riviera Medical
1 Share of Universal Network Bank
2 Shares of Cerberus Corporation
Six H-KDI T-Wings
And no less than 6,070,000 credits in cash.

I understand that retrieving all these may prove quite challenging and only a partial restore may be possible.

But at the very least may I request, in the interests of fairness, that should resurrection not be possible or practical, that the 6,070,000 credits lost be recovered and transferred to my faction, the Falleen Federation?

Time left to act as of this post: 12 days.

Thank you for your time.

Year 7 Day 209 15:03
Redbat someone how did not get my first email, waiting now on second email from him about retrieving info from backup of the database. Bring back a character is not an easy step.



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