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Questions for the Admins » Applying a custom image to an installed cyborg unit Add Reply
Raa`hse Nahk
Raa`hse Nahk
I have just had a successfully implanted cyborg unit & wish to apply a custom image to it.

However the said item doesn't appear in the inventory anywhere & I am unable to find it's ID number. Could someone assist me with how I go about applying this custom image please.

Installed cybernetics are not items and can not have a custom image applied.

Raa`hse Nahk
Raa`hse Nahk
That is very disappointing, is there anyway to make it so they can have? After all something like a cyborg implant is a very personal thing for a character & one of the very things those with them would like to have a custom image

In theory you could get a custom on a 2nd cybernetic and leave it in a ultilty spot for RP. I'm not saying this is the most practical idea, but it might be a neat thing to show off at a Swap Meet or other big event

Raa`hse Nahk
Raa`hse Nahk
Would be better if we could apply it to the one fitted. It must be in the data base somewhere so I am guessing it has to have an ID# if that is correct then all we need to be able to do is see that number so we can apply the custom? Or perhaps it can be manually applied by an admin?

After spending close to 60Mil (2 attempts) to have it installed plus the credits of the design of the custom it is very disappointing to find I can't customize it.

It will need to be coded in, as the installed cybernetic is not an item in SWC's sense. It is when it is not yet installed, but when you do, it becomes a part of your character per se. The "item" loses its item ID, and therefore can not be customized. Something will need to be altered in the internal code of SWC.

You could always continue to RP (in text) how your cybernetic looks/feels/etc. It has been suggested/asked numerous times, so a suggestion would probably be ignored, but always worth a try. Just search the suggestions forums before you suggest, and read the 'restricted topics' topic.

Hi there! Cybernetics have never been able to retain a custom when installed. The explanation as I understand it is because once installed the item itself (with your custom on it) is deleted. At this point it becomes just a modified number (stat bonus/malus) on your character and the image displayed is simply a copy/link from the rules image, no longer a worn item.

Edited By: Kolomon Seph on Year 23 Day 254 3:05

Raa`hse Nahk
Raa`hse Nahk

Your comment that it is simply an image extracted via a link to the rule page image leads me to ask hos difficult would it be to alter that link within the character? I see it when I look at my skills/stats page so I am wondering if it is feasible to insert a choice there to redirect the link to an approved custom image?

Now I understand that this would need to be put as a suggestion to either be taken up or not, however if it is an incredibly difficult alteration I will not make the suggestion at all. But given I have zero programming skills I ask if it is relatively easy or difficult?

Essesntially your character would need a database field for the cybernetic item ID which would need to persist after installation. There would also need to be a way to access this ID, which is probably the mist finicky part, since we dont have a good spot for that ID currently.

Edited By: Jevon Lambright on Year 23 Day 254 6:54
Raa`hse Nahk
Raa`hse Nahk
Thank you guys, clearly this is a difficult problem so I will not make it a suggestion.

Thank you all for your time.

Vesh Oleander
Vesh Oleander

I started to code the possibility to have an installed custom cyber implant like 2 years ago. Basically treating it as a non droppable item equipable via surgery. That part is actually working fine on my branch.

However I never had a chance to finish looking after all the actions/situations that need to drop your items , to make sure it does not drop your implant (like bacta tank) OR to look for all the situations that check if you have un-eqquiped your items to make sure the cyber implant does raise an error.

sorry -_-'