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Year 23 Day 281 21:30
A Long time ago, in a Combine far far away ... I used to play many years ago, and was wildly curious if the character still existed. I used to play an IMPERIAL Naval Officer under Captain Esco (Who I knew played for years and years) I returned once in the past for a while before life went sideways. Is Esco still around? and how long do ancient characters remain in the DB. I imagine there have been complete resets over the years. My character would have been Aezarius (or Aezar), Imperial Navy LTCmdr. (Victory Star Destroyer -1 Prometheus). How I remember any of that, is beyond me, lol. Many Thanks, --Aezarius

Year 23 Day 281 21:36
Welcome back! Looks like your character Aezarius still exists. If you still have access to the email used for that account, you should be able to reset your password using that character name or email address. If not, I would recommend creating a support ticket to regain account access.


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Year 23 Day 282 18:23
If Esco was Corbin Esco, which I would guess, he is still occasionally around. He's been with the Trade Federation for a long time and was Viceroy for a while - think he's retired now but he comes and goes. Not sure he's very active right now but you'll be able to send him a message in game and he should see it next time he's around.

Year 23 Day 284 16:12
Looks like your character is still around, but is dead. If you need help regaining access to the account, please submit a support ticket, and we'd be more than happy to help you! :)

Welcome back!


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