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Year 23 Day 298 14:35
I was looking through the forums and didn't find one that was directed to suggestions of new creatures. Which suggestion forum would be appropriate to suggest a new creature? I

Year 23 Day 298 15:29
23. New entities (ships, vehicles, items, droids, etc.) (including CP entities.

- Suggstions Forum Restricted Topics

New entites (creatures are entities) are on the list of restricted topics in the Suggestions Forum. In general, the Admins and Devs have access to the same Essential Guides, Visual Dictionaries, and Wookieepedia pages as the rest of us and are not looking for new suggestions about what entities to include in the game.

From time to time, they do solicit ideas for original content to be included in SWC. These are usually contests, and are announced in the SimNews (left most icon in the notification bar at the top of your page).


Year 23 Day 298 15:37

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Year 23 Day 301 8:05
Alex Tylger
Alex Tylger

As a sidenote, I have the impression that the admins and devs would be positive to us adding more creatures. The problem is a lack of artists being able to produce 3D sculpts of the creatures since we can't just reuse images from wookieepedia and google. Maybe once more artists branch in to sculpting and we get some of the current images replaced, we can hopefully get more creature variety.

Year 23 Day 305 16:29
They do seem less hostile to suggestions with nice original art, reasonable stats, decent description.

Basically, all the work done.