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Year 7 Day 211 11:59
Dida Jalpur
Dida Jalpur
Is there any particular reason that the White Scenarios forum is on an entirely different board that you have to sign up for? Seems odd.

Year 7 Day 211 14:03
Makes it easier to manage. The WS boards are hosted outside of SWC on a free site.(I think) But it is still admin'd by the SWC staff. keeps overhead costs down.


Year 7 Day 211 16:02
The EZBoards that White Scenarios are hosted on were once used for the entire Combine. To keep costs down, and because of security issues (I think), the Admin decided to change the three main boards to these custom-written ones. There was discussion, at one point, of moving the White Scenarios over to one of these boards, but the WS benefit from the additional features offered by EZBoard that are not available on these forums, and the WS staff decided against it.


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Year 7 Day 212 6:18
Dida Jalpur
Dida Jalpur
Good enough. I figured there was a reason. Thanks!