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Year 24 Day 149 8:36
Howdy, howdy.

I am receiving an error while trying to start the process of a port city creation. This is on a planet in full control of my faction and directly controlled by me as the magistrate. The error states "You cannot start a city here because there are hostile forces present." A thorough scan of the entire quadrant shows no friend, foe, or otherwise present in the area. The area of the planetary System has no foes shown on that map, either. Is this a bug that needs to be reported?

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Year 24 Day 150 18:13
You need to clear the terrain square of all bandits and creatures before constructing the city.


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Year 24 Day 151 5:45
There are no foes or bandits or creaturs or anyone/anything there.

Year 24 Day 159 8:18
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Okay, after many different attempts with different ships and boats, I'm at a loss. I have located the entities, in different areas of the sector I want to build on and simply cannot target them with anything. When I get to the co-ords, the entities are on that square, and no weapons can be used. I get "nothing around that you can attack" messages. I've tried with my Hammerhead, my YT-1300, and a Hunter-class Corvette boat. What am I missing, here?

Year 24 Day 251 7:21
Ships & vehicles can't attack bandits or creatures. You have to get on the surface and attack them with NPCs and weapons. Though I assume it's water terrain, so you need aquatic gear or aquatic races to exit your ship or vehicle.

Year 24 Day 252 6:39
That answers that. Much appreciated.