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Year 24 Day 165 6:00
Quick question, the last quest in the tutorial allows you to purchase a ship with credits and then transports you into the game proper.

What happens if you do not have enough credits to purchase any of the ships? Are you stuck on the planet until you do have enough credits to buy one?

Year 24 Day 165 7:43
You can go hunting to get loot to sell to the shop. Or you can get some credits from another player. I just sent you 500k to get you started.

Year 24 Day 165 7:57
Credits were never a problem, I was wondering if someone could leave the planet if they did not have the credits to buy a ship from the vendor. Curious what type of systems are in place in case of such an eventuality.

Year 24 Day 165 8:34
This should never be a situation that someone would find themselves in as there is always a way to get credits on the tutorial world.


Year 24 Day 165 9:20
When I completed the tutorial quests, except for the last one, I was given about 250,000 credits through the quests. This is enough to buy virtually any of the ships from the vendor.

But with the prices of the NPC's/Droids/Equipment it can be very easy to use all of those credits. The player is introduced to combat with bandits and creatures very early; so it is possible, in the spirit of playing and experiencing the game, to use all your credits and lose any npc's you bought. This combined with being stunned if your health drops to 1, daily health regeneration and creatures/bandits not respawning when other players are idling/inactive in the wild areas would make it extremely time consuming to earn more credits.

Unless there are more ways to earn credits, other than hunt bandits/creatures and the initial quests?

So if you do not have the credits to buy a ship is there any way to leave the tutorial world?

Year 24 Day 165 9:42
Akasha Ru Tauk
Akasha Ru Tauk

It has not occurred yet as far as I know, but given that you get additional credits just before the end of the quest, you would get an opportunity to purchase the ship/s you wanted. It is required to buy a ship though, but if you ever find yourself trapped.... contacting an asim is always an option.