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Archives » will work for food- my skills are at your disposal
Verdre To
Verdre To
Said to post here to offer help so i did. I'm Verdre To.

All I do is write and i do it pretty well if i say so myself. I noticed some ships and stuff were missing a descrip so thought I could help out with atuff like that.

My skills need a bit of fine tuning but otherwise they are sound. My native language is English so will have no problem with grammar etc.

Did a bit of work for my facton (Mandalore) and rejigged clan descrips for them. Also wrote the GNS post about Mandalore colonizing the Pryshak system but that was rushed so not exactly the best (short notice).

I do Maths at college and could help with EQNs if yu wanted but would rather stick to wriing. I dont mind helping for free but would like it if you could chuck a few CP's my way every couple of jobs.

So there you have it. Message me if I can do anything to help


The descriptions for stuff can be submitted on every rules page that does not have a description.



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Verdre To
Verdre To
oh, ok. Its just none of my posts have ever been used and i was wondering..... anyhow if you need help with writing i'm here to help.