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Archives » Questions I have from FAQ Reading
1. General Questions. Under "How to buy a ship..."
The FAQ says "Be warned that there are no guarantees for trading in the Combine and theft is an ever-present factor in the game."

Is theft like this frowned upon and "reportable" or is this just another aspect of gameplay... as in a .. 'shady' way to play. Or is this just scamming and down right not allowed?

2. I've ... not delt with IRC before. Is this part of the game mandatory? I'm not really sure what parts encompass IRC but it seems to exist. . .

3. I've read that "death", however rare occurance it may be, kills your character for good. Is there a way to view that characters "stats" for... *shrug* nostalgia sake?

4. SPYING is not allowed. Obviously that is because of the multicharacter rule. However, will there be a "class" or such or ability that allows that. Forgive me if there is. I havent read but a small percentage of the dump-truck-load of reading material on this site.

5. FACTIONS- Where do I find what factions exist and how to join them? Can you leave a faction once joining one? Say it doesnt work out or... you decide on a different path in life or... maybe everyone in that faction dies of a rare wookiestrain of herpes?

6. Weapons, combat, wookie punching, droids, etc aren't implemented yet- So how long has this game been functioning? Is this still a beta? What can others do (not me particularly) to speed this process?

-Krioni Shadowsigns

1) Theft is a recognized aspect of the game. However keep in mind that few will trust you if you're caught conning/stealing.

2) It's not mandatory, but it's encouraged by many factions. It's a good way to interact with fellow faction members as well as other Combine players.

3) No, there's not.

4) There aren't really classes. However, you're talking about sneaking around and the like. The spying rules currently encompass things like threats, bribes, getting buddies to join an enemy group to feed you info, etc. They're there because of the lack of combat. They are to be removed around that time. In theory.

5) http://www.swcombine.com/community/factions.php
To join them, go to: http://www.swcombine.com/members/faction/index.php?mode=join1

Yes, you can leave a faction, however be careful. Don't leave while on a faction ship, try not to leave on bad terms, etc. In a faction, you can make alot of long time friends. You can also make life long enemies. People also don't tend to like faction jumpers all that much.

6) The Combine has been running for seven years. *points to the date*
This is the... Third client, I believe. Yes, it's still a beta. What can be done to speed up the process? Either get a professional programmer or ten to join the team for free, or donate a few thousand dollars for them to hire one. :P


Patriarch of House Ismay
Define "professional".. and define "hire". Then define "kidnapping" and "assault" because once I get those pesky terms out of my way I might be able to send help....

Another tip if you want to get into trading: check out the Traders Lounge, especially the sticky posts there, they should save you from a few mistakes you might have otherwise made.