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Year 7 Day 215 10:06
I have a question regarding the Proton torpedoes and Conclusion Missiles. I'm building my own combat simulator based on Combine data (modified) and I got some arguing about these two weapons. As I suggest to my partner, proton torpedoes are for shooting at capital ships, not to blast fighters. This is based on TIE Fighter vs. X-Wing and some other sims, there torpedoes are very slow and inaccurate to hit small and maneuverable target like fighter unless it is right in front of you. Conclusion missiles from other hand are very deadly for fighters but deliver small damage to capital ships. My partner says that these two weapons are the same, only the amount of shots is different. So question is - how it is planned to work in Darkness? Will it be same weapons or a bit more realistic?

If there is no idea yet about that, I will continue to argue on that subject further with my friend. :)

Thank you for any reply.


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Year 7 Day 215 18:38
Combat questions need to wait for a finalized set of combat rules to be released. Even an answer you might receive now could change greatly before the actual finalization and implementation of said rules.



Year 7 Day 215 19:25
In my understanding, missiles are faster with a smaller payload. Torpedoes are slower but do more damage. If they were the same, there would be no point in having a difference between them, would there?


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Year 7 Day 215 21:59

What Hal said. Logic would dictate that your stance on the difference (which is what I and alot of other people obviously agree with) is the correct one.


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Year 7 Day 216 6:01
Thank you. :)


Nobles are the answer to all the problems!