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Archives » why does it take 6 hours to walk about 80 feet through a city street?
Why does it take 6 hours to walk about 80 feet through a city street? Even if I stopped to talk ...and... marry each person along the way, it wouldn't have taken that long. Am I crawling? Am I crawling without arms and am using my tongue as leverage? I can see that but as far as I'm concerned my character is healthy.

Is level 1 a baby? Am I baby swooning through the gutter, rolling with a bald head and a humongous soft spot? Is that why it takes so long?

-Krioni Slowwalker

Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm

Read then.

Making it short, you're walking a lot more than 80 feet.

Sarcasm is always appreciated around here.....

Yeah, read the rules he posted, that will give you a good idea of why it takes so long. Just rest assured that it takes everyone that long to walk. Once you join a faction and get settled into the life that is SWC, you'll get a ship and it won't take so long. I wouldn't suggest that someone shorten the time though....they don't like that around here. We're still wiping the last guy off the walls....


Yes, yes I've read all that. My questiosn wasn't really based on the mechanics of the game, but the why would the developers do that?

Someone told me that Hyperspace can take weeks, real time.

Who wants to wait that long? Is a game not for enjoyment in the exploration and visual rewards? Sitting for a week, sighing behind my keyboard and checking earnestly for holomail doesn't seem like fun...

This game, the ... combine i s a brilliant idea but the wait time is emmense. I believe there should be serious reconsiderations to the limits of realism vs fiction.

And, before you say perhaps I am not cut out for this game, or welcome for that matter, I'm just pointing out something that obviously others feel.

Emmersion is a great thing but since we can't literally count the myraid of planets and stars whizzing by, perhaps the wait time should be... less...


P.S. Why would someone who suggested such a thing on the suggestion board be torn about, "crucified" if you wish? Thats not right. The board is for suggestions to the admin, not for the suggestors to be butchered. Perhaps I shall subtely infiltrate the ranks of administrators and in turn butcher those butching... ooo

Because this game is played by people all over the world. When combat's out, do you want to wake up dead because it took a group five minutes to hyper in a warfleet and obliterate the world you were on?


Patriarch of House Ismay
Ah. Now THAT is a good answer.

And the official one, to boot.

Often people will post about this issue on the suggestions board, and be insulting about it. "This is stupid, why does it take so long you should make the game faster!!111" and so on. And yes, they do tend to get hostile reactions.

When you enquire about it sensibly in an actual questions thread, most people will give you a straight answer.
*baps the two who didn't* You two aren't cool enough to be like me. Don't be rude in here! Go heckle the Suggestions forums!


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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And the admin are not the one's doing the butchering, we allow the player's to police themselves. Some can be mean, like Hal there. But I rather have him answering these questions then doing it myself.



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