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Year 7 Day 216 7:40
O-Ren Dogen
O-Ren Dogen
How long can person be under arrest before he can quit the character and start a new one? Is it really fair to be held under arrest indefinately or more than three weeks?

Year 7 Day 216 14:58
I believe after 3 weeks you can drop you're character, then the normal death rules apply so you have to wait a further 3 weeks to recreate.

You're arrested character becomes an NPC, I believe it's assets follow the death rules...unsure,


Year 7 Day 216 15:16
I thought the 3 weeks of arrest negated the need to wait another 3 under the death rules?


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Year 7 Day 216 15:53
bottom line.. dont get arrested, and if u do, then beg the person to either set u free or kill you :)



Year 7 Day 217 5:38
O-Ren Dogen
O-Ren Dogen
thanks but if there are no safeguards to prevent abuse of the arrest privilege, it could be detrimental to the game. What if someone has an OOC issue with the arrested player, and doesnt execute him? With the multi rules, it would be wrong to make another character while the arrested character was still alive. And how many people have more than one paid email address to make a second character?

Year 7 Day 217 12:48
The safeguard is the ability to drop one's character after three weeks.. as has already been pointed out a few posts up. That is, in fact, the reason that option was implemented; to prevent characters being permanently arrested and therefore unable to ever play again.

You don't need another e-mail address. This functions the same way as death. Once your wait time is up, you log back into your existing account and use the 'Create New Character' link at your character portrait.