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Archives » [closed] Another l4m3r threatening to take his grudge into RL property damage...
[15:58:04] Rylith_Kullstone: I swear I am gonna virus the hell out of barons computer for screwing me over
[15:58:41] Rylith_Kullstone: he'll learn not to f[u]ck with people when I am done

etc, etc after "Baron" (Lodger Hawk) screwed him over.

Several people have been perm-banned for this in the past, given that emotions are obviously running high, I'd ask for a bit of leniency, but still a temporary ban seems the very least.

This is a game folks, you don't go smash the windows of whoever owns Boardwalk in Monopoly, or draws a Straight Flush in poker.

Oh, and my trademark image for dealing with these sorts of people...

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Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles

You may not :
Bribe, threaten, or intimidate any member of the combine Out of Character for any purpose or reason.

Spy Rules,, second one.

Temp ban him.


\"Somewhere, there\'s a bullet with your name on it. The trick is to die of age before it finds you\"
Chunbacca Khan
Chunbacca Khan
Agreed. And I love that pic Teniel, as usual! :D

Boardwalk? I take it this is the american version. Mayfair is what you wanna own in England!

And I have known people get rather violent in a game of monopoly.

*dons his riot gear*


Gabriella Storm
Gabriella Storm
Now Keir, wasn't it you who killed characters for OOC reasons? Who called players at 3am, threatening them? Killed Ismay for something he did IC that you did not like OOC?
That would mean you should be banned too.

I'm not sure which Keir you're referring to...

Now Keir, wasn't it you who killed characters for OOC reasons?
a) There's a difference between doing IC harm for OOC reasons, and doing OOC harm for IC reasons. One is poor roleplay, the other is illegal both by law, and the rules of the sim
b) We have a handy feature on the Eidola website called "Piratey Book of the Dead" which lists who we've killed, there are currently 6 Imperials, 3 thieves, Myorzo, Raptor Pirates and 3 Bounty Hunters. I think there was plenty of IC reason for each of those deaths, even if solely based on the fact they're in enemy factions.

Who called players at 3am, threatening them?

Ummm...what the hell? Only players I've got phone numbers for are Bruce (My co-leader) and Joe Monso (Who is in the US Navy, therefore frequently mia from the Combine, but likes to be kept in the loop)...oh, and Bayley I suppose, but since I've seen her naked, I think I'm allowed that phone number. Honestly, what the hell?

Killed Ismay for something he did IC that you did not like OOC?

I killed Ismay because he was an Imperial Moff that I had an opportunity to kill. I'm not sure what Combine you've been playing, please join the same one as the rest of us.

That would mean you should be banned too

Oh dear, a StormSec employee is getting banned for threatening an Eidola member, so now Gabriella Storm has to come try to get an Eidola member banned....on absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing.

If you haven't learned in the five years I've been here, I play this game by the rules and have never stepped outside them. Accusations otherwise are really just met with laughter both by myself, and those who might have the power to ban for the infractions if they *had* been commit.

Honestly, you're making a fool of yourself just by contesting this, stop now while you can still bow out with some semblance of dignity.

Edited By: Teniel Djo on Year 6 Day 78 10:17

what the Cam said, looks to me to be a breach of the spying rules.


Kids these days!
Gabriella Storm
Gabriella Storm
Oh keir *tsks* What a convenient memory you have.


Edited By: Teniel Djo on Year 6 Day 78 10:05

Typically it helps when one actually supports baseless accusations - feel free to consult logs/old ezboards/whatnot, and if Keir actually *did* break the rules, you're more than welcome to start your own thread to complain about him.

In the meantime, I don't see that there's any harm in keeping this thread on topic. If a player breaks the rules, it's irrelevant as to who submitted the complaint. I witnessed Rylith saying this myself, as did 20 or so others, so there isn't any doubt as to what happened. He was angry about a theft and reacted very inappropriately. This should not be condoned, and a temp ban sounds fitting to me.


I'm pretty sure you claimed someone else was calling you up and harrassing you in the past gabby.. I just can't remember who it was you complained about.

Oh right, now I remember:

Alex tylger.

Gabriella Storm
Gabriella Storm
No, I said he got my phone number. He never called and harassed me. I have suffered from harassment to the extreme. But we are not discussing me.

Guest/Visitor accounts are kinda a cop-out, if you're going to say something, have the cajones to say it with your name attached.

That said, can we get back on topic, which is Rylith?


what Cam said.
things like this shouldn´t be allowed.


Rylith Kullstone
Rylith Kullstone
excuse me but since this is about me, don't I get to speak for myself? I mean what kind of trial is this, where I can't speak for myself? I didn't know I could get banned for this type of thing, I don't read the spy rules, or the ban rules. I don't even have any viruses, I was just trying to scare him into giving me back my credits. I have moved on. All I know is that you can get banned for multi acounts. Please, don't ban me perminatly, I love this game. I didn't know honestly, give me a chance please.

Edited By: Rylith Kullstone on Year 6 Day 83 17:12
Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm
This is a public forum, if you remained silent for 6 days it’s your fault only.
And about not knowing the rules, if I shoot someone, saying that I don’t know the laws won’t save my ass.

Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers
"This is a public forum, if you remained silent for 6 days it’s your fault only."

yes and no, not everyone actually checks this part of the board. If you don't have a question, aren't bored and wouldn't know the answer to some questions you probably wouldn't come read this forum.

Rylith, they were talking about temporarily banning you not permanently. Though I'm not sure how long a temporary ban is. You should have either read the rules or used common sense in realising that threatening someone ooc is probably frowned upon here like most other games.

I would try apologizing and stating that you would never do this, never meant to do this (this being attack someone's comp with a virus) and will never threaten someone like that(ooc) again.

Rylith Kullstone
Rylith Kullstone
I never said that myself not replying was anyones fault. I know its a public forum. And I know there are rules and I should be punished. But being banned forever is a bit extreme I think, for someone who did't know all the rules. I am sorry, I really am. I would never do something intentionaly if I knew I would get banned forever because of it. I will apoligize to baron, even though I know it won't do any good. I doubt he will accept my apology, for what I did would piss anyone off really badly. I have extreme anger management problems, and they get me into alot of trouble. Please accept my apology, I will never do such things again. I am normally a good player. I just let my anger get to me. Please, only ban me temporaly.

-I didn't know I could get banned for this type of thing, I don't read the spy rules, or the ban rules.

Well I'd start off by suggesting you read the rules of any game, before you play ;) Ignorance isn't an excuse

-I don't even have any viruses

It's okay, nobody really thought you were. As a general rule, the people who threaten to hack, are the same people who couldn't hack their way out of a paperbag :Þ

Anyways, I agree that perm-bans are far too serious especially for things like this that *are* stupid, but somewhat forgiveable since they were in the heat of the moment, said without thinking.

Just don't threaten people OOC in the future, try to keep a handle on your temper and remember, above all else, SWC is a game, so if it's affecting your RL emotions or temperment, just log off for a couple hours, go grab a doughnut, watch TV, read a book, call your wife to tell her you love her, whatever ;)

I think the final consensus then is just to let it go as a "Warning" not to do this again, since obviously the next time is going to be more than twice as serious, even if it's somebody else you're threatening OOC. Other than that, consider yourself absolved and this issue closed :)


Rylith Kullstone
Rylith Kullstone
thank you so much, its sad, but I don't have much of a life. I spend much time on the computer or the combine. Thanks, I will try much harder next time to do the right thing.