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Archives » CPs & Banner Exhchange. The Guide leaves more to be desired...
Combine Points (CPs) are a reward for providing OOC help to the game. You will find them listed with your character information when you log into the game. If you click on the CP link, you will find 3 pages. One of these pages has a number of tiny banners and 1 larger link (link will prompt you to log in, unless you have done so already). Clicking each of these banners and the larger link will give you CPs (but only once every 24 hours).

I can't find the "CP" link on the info page, let alone the 3 pages and the tiny tiny banners and the one larger link.

The best way to improve the Guide when you find something lacking is to find out how to do the thing, than write a version that is better able to be understood by a new player.

The CP link is your number of CPs, that is shown under your XP and level, on your personal menu on the right, that should be showing while you're on the forum.


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