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Year 7 Day 222 17:47
Lucius Kylani
Lucius Kylani
I was just wondering if there was a reason specifically concerning the inability of both prospecting vehicles ( the SX-65 Groundhog and the FK-7 Airspeeder ) to travel in caves as noted in their restrictions. You have listed in the Raw Material Chart that 13 materials can be found inside caves, yet both prospector vehicles have the cave terrain in it's restricted list. Is there another prospecting vehicle in the works without this terrain restriction? Is this an oversight and no one has brought it up before? Or is this impossiblity to mine in caves just a part of the game while the materials that can be found in caves just a teaser? Or maybe I am missing something and have yet to notice another vehicle /ship capable of going in caves and prospecting?


When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
Year 7 Day 222 20:48
There are ways to bypass the restriction. They just require more than a little thought to figure out. Ask around in your faction - someone probably knows.


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Year 7 Day 223 17:06
Found the old threads :) I will check the 2 ways posted and see if they work still. Thanks Hal for your suggestion, it made me go back and spend alot of time reading :)

Year 7 Day 224 16:51
it worked. The atmosphere thing... thanks for your help.

Year 7 Day 224 16:52
Lucius Kylani
Lucius Kylani
Thanks Morgan.

Ok to delete this thread now.


When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.