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Year 7 Day 223 10:33
My inventory button is visible, but when I click it the menu does not appear. I'm worried because it's been like this for a couple of months now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

Year 7 Day 223 11:10
Try clearing your cache and cookies from your computer. Also what browser are you using?



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Year 7 Day 226 11:13
I use Internet Explorer, but it seems that someone has fixed my problem. Thank you muchly to whoever did so!

Year 7 Day 226 11:19
I just tried clearing my cache and the problem has returned. Please help.

Year 7 Day 226 12:01
I suggest you try firefox.



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Year 7 Day 226 21:33
FireFox is a different browser, right? I'm not sure it would be a good idea for me to install it. Several people use this computer and I don't think they'd be too pleased. Are there any alternatives?

Year 7 Day 227 2:44
Firefox does not replace Internet Explorer, nor alter its operation in any way. You can simply install it, leave IE as the default browser, and use Firefox for the Combine.

Who knows, if you get the others to try it, they might even like it themselves. Firefox is the browser of choice of most of the Combine, and not all features can be guaranteed to work correctly in IE.


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Year 7 Day 227 7:08
This happens to me, my friend, and probably most of combine. My suggestion is refreshing the page, and clicking the inventory multiple times, you can also get idividual links to the different parts of the inventory. If you want I can DM you the individual links.

for example
to access your ship inventory


to access the vehicle inventory


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Year 7 Day 227 7:18
From my own experience it is some broken Javascript code. While it updates the menu 'status' (i.e. whether it should be expanded or collapsed), it doesn't always expand it. It usually worked to click on the "Inventory" link once, then refresh the page (the Inventory section was usually visible then). If it doesn't work the first time, repeat it once.


Year 7 Day 229 12:27
Lahasa Fy
Lahasa Fy
I typically have the reverse problem, I can't usually make the side bar links stay hidden.


Year 7 Day 229 13:49
That, too is a problem in the Javascript code, since the JS code places a cookie on which menus are expanded or collapsed for every single page you visit, meaning if you collapse it on one page, it will only be collapsed on that same page ... Best would be to make a bug report about it :)