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Year 7 Day 224 6:10

Recently, I have arranged to transport someone off a planet. We both agreed to meet at a certain coordinate. Each of us went there, but now we cannot see other once there. I was in a vehicle, and so was he. However, we both cannot see each other whether we are both in, both out, one in and one not. All those combos didn't work! I am positive that we're both at the same coordinates because there is another person with us at the same coordinate, and we can both see him fine. When I am outside of my vehicle, I see a speeder (not mine) and one person. Inside my vehicle, I see the same speeder and person accompanied by another person! To top it all off, neither of them are the person I am transporting. I don't know if this is confusing or not, but I want to know what's going on.

Year 7 Day 224 6:11

Oh my handle is Raphael Kiltron, I'm just not logged in...

Year 7 Day 224 7:01
If none of the ASims respond to this, I would suggest e-mailing, and be sure to include each of the relevant handles (you should probably include the other handles - the person you are transporting, and the two others you are seeing - in this thread as well). They should be able to look into this and let you know if it is a bug or something else entirely.



Year 7 Day 224 7:31
Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar
Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar
It is probably that each one of their stealth levels are higher than the others perception. I learned this from experience the hard way. LOL

Year 7 Day 224 11:43
Why not just add one another to your crewlists? Getting on board the vehicle will render the Stealth skills irrelevant.


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Year 7 Day 224 13:17

Good idea. My perception is non-existent....
Thank You so much.