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Year 7 Day 225 18:22
David Kellar
David Kellar
A question: When stock owners die, what happens to the stock? I thought I heard it went back to the owner or the company but could it instead be put on the NPC Market? (it's part suggestion past question I know, but before I suggest the idea I though I'd find out what happens at the moment.)

Year 7 Day 225 22:09
Right now, it goes back to the company itself, yes. Your other question would belong in the suggestions forum, but would not likely be well-received. A "stock market" is being planned, but it is separate from the NPC Market.


Year 7 Day 226 8:05
Lahasa Fy
Lahasa Fy
Again, another question, that might lead into a suggestion....

I know currently government factions cannot issue stocks. Has there ever been any discussion about opening up the ability for gov't factions to issue some form of "bonds"?

I've got a rough concept of the idea and how it might work in my head, but if its been debated before, I'm not going to bother putting any more effort into it to produce a real suggestion.


Year 7 Day 226 8:35
David Kellar
David Kellar
I like the concept, let's see what some others say.

Year 7 Day 226 9:56
Bonds would be an alternative form of currency, were only having one.


Year 7 Day 226 10:05
Theoretically, governments can give out bonds if they like, the problem is that you won't be able to have any physical evidence (i.e. items) in-game to prove it at this stage of development.


Year 7 Day 226 10:18
This all sounds like suggestions for the game and not a general question or problem. This topic will be closed, please repost over in the Suggestions forum on the Message Centre.



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Year 7 Day 226 10:19
I like the idea. Regardless of whether the bonds are actual items or not. I'm sure they could be tracked electronically. This would be a good way for governments to increase their capital. I know some governments have all they need, but others don't.