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Year 7 Day 231 11:26
I left my ship for a while to do some prospecting. I came back now, but I can't enter my ship. It tells me there are too many passengers. But I haven't given anyone any right to enter my ship. I checked, there is no one in my party or anything. What can I do? Thanks.

Year 7 Day 232 0:31
Please include your ship ID so this can be looked into. Were any NPCs on board your ship prior to your unboarding, even if they were unpartied?



Year 7 Day 233 18:52
My ship is: Rising Sun (ID# 13437). I'm sorry, I don't remember if I had any NPC on board when I left the ship, I left it for prospecting for over a month.

Year 7 Day 234 0:48
Can you use the option to kick players off your ship, when you go to enter it?



Year 7 Day 235 11:03
All it says is the ship cannot carry anymore passengers, thats all.

Year 7 Day 235 11:24
There is 8 different things in the ship and since the ships max passenger level is 8, it is at max.

I delete the one entity because it said it was a player but no player had that ID.
The other entities are 7 npcs.

You should be able to enter your ship now.



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Year 7 Day 236 21:05
Thanks, working fine now. I'm still a little confused about how that happened though. It must mean someone got on the ship after I left it, but how is that possible?

Year 7 Day 237 23:41
No, it would've been a bug, since he said the entity's ID wasn't associated with any player.