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Archives » No allowed e-mail addresses
Year 7 Day 238 11:32

I am wondering if their is anyway to get an account, as both my e-mails are not allowed.

My first one is a free account, so I know that'll never be allowed.

However, my other one is not a free account, it is name@..... (not printing for privacy reasons. If admin wants it I can find a way of getting it to you.) That one was not allowed because it was not webmaster@ or admin@. None of the e-mails in my household have that...we got them specially made with our names...I'm sure somwhere and admin@ exists, but none of us use it.

Is there anyway of getting allowed to make an account?

The Handle I tried to mkae is: Cetanu Guan`thwei.

Year 7 Day 238 16:00
If you can set up the admin@ e-mail address, that would be okay. The reason we don't allow name@ is because only one account can be registered with a private domain e-mail address, so we try to make sure it is the legitimate owner of the domain (or someone clearly with the owner's permission) registering with it.

You only need this e-mail address to receive your initial password. Once you have logged in you may set a free e-mail address in your Account Settings and don't need to check the e-mail address you registered with again.



Year 7 Day 238 17:11

I'll see. Problem is the head honcho in charge doesn't get back for about a week. I'll see if he'll let me use admin@....

If not I'll get back to you.

Year 7 Day 238 18:01
If you have an ISP e-mail address you can use otherwise, that might be faster, by the way. (: That's what most prefer to use.