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Year 7 Day 239 13:48
I got conned out of some of my credits. Qwas Delso promised to sell me a J-type 327 Starship for 50,000 credits. I know, the price is too cheap to be true but I wasn't paying attention. He said the ship was at the following coordinates:
Sector: Tapani
System: Danju (25, -110)
Planet: Glee Anselm (5, 12)
Surface Position: (11, 11)
Ground Position:(21,11)

I asked him if it would be possible to transport it to the following coordinates and he agreed:
Sector: Corellian
System: Corellia (70,-32)
Planet: Drall (6,4)

I had to pay 25k in advance, and so I did.
Year 7 Day 224
15:20 Qwas Delso 25,000 First half of my 50k payment for the J-type 327 Starship. Please drop it off in orbit around Drall as agreed through earlier messaging.

This transaction happened weeks ago and he never replied to my messages nor did he deliver the ship. I lost 25k over this, and I would like to ask if it's possible to do something about this. I wouldn't mind if I can't get my credits back, but I would like to report this person so this will never happen again with someone else.
I have already contacted staff through mail, but nobody has replied.


Kato Corban
Year 7 Day 239 14:02
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
That's because theft is allowed in this game, the admin won't take any action against it. You'll have to deal with it In Character.

Year 7 Day 239 16:05
The traders forum on the role-playing centre board is where to report it, Kirit is correct by the way.



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Year 7 Day 240 2:18
If it is allowed, then there is no point in me posting this message elsewhere again. I guess it's my own fault for not reading the rules properly. Or maybe I did but just forgot about that part...

I just want to say thanks again to Teniel Djo and Eidola for their help.


Kato Corban
Year 7 Day 240 2:24
It actually is important for you to tell the other traders about this thief, so you best head to the Traders Lounge on the RPG Centre and report it :)


Year 7 Day 240 3:13
Good point, thanks.


Kato Corban