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Year 7 Day 242 14:48
When you look at the questions about speeders and land movement, people give advice to rent the speeders because you move faster and earn more exp. A have not noticed that i get exp in higher rate when i'm using a speeder. In two hour journey around the planet i got like 7 exp, whereas when i walked for two hours around the city i've got the same(if not bigger) amount of exp. So, what's the catch?

Year 7 Day 242 15:05
XP is based upon the distance you travel. But there are different scales compared to the time. If you travel from one corner of the city to the other on foot, you will earn the same XP as if you do it in a speeder. But the speeder will do it a lot faster. However, going up to the atmosphere level and flying around puts you on a different scale, which may not earn you the same XP in the same time.


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Year 7 Day 242 15:21
Sooo... Basicaly the way to increase your exp rate would be to drive around the city in a speeder?
Which is also a thing i did, and didn't pay out.
I must note that i don't mind that, but it just makes me wonder...
Now, i don't know much about the space travel, so this is a jab in the dark. Hope somebody can explain it for me...
If the exp system is based on distance travelled, and that is one of the reasons many want to own the ship asap, and that is why(when you are starting the game) you get the advice to rent a speeder don't you, by changing the scale, make it a bit absolete. I mean, why wouldn't everebody merrily walk around the planet, since you get the same amount of exp for an hour of travel, regardless of the means of travel? (hope that enyone can understand what i wrote, cause i'm not certain i do).

Year 7 Day 242 15:27
For all forms and flavors of travel XP, here is what I have observed:

1xp per city tile
50 xp per planet tile

1xp per 6 city tiles
1xp per planet tile
1xp per system tile
1xp per hyperspace tile

So far, the most efficient form of travel XP I've seen is flying in the city, since I can get 1xp ever 4 minutes at 200km/hr. However, having to log on every 15 minutes or so to turn around can get old. :P


Year 7 Day 242 18:47
Efficiency in regard to sublight/HS travel is also dependent on ship speed (and requires less page-refreshing every few minutes ^_^).

So if you're just trying to level, forget the vehicle and get hold of a ship - most factions will assign you one and transport you to it (or it to you).