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Year 7 Day 258 22:30
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Year 7 Day 258 23:15
Just because a noob writes about it doesn't mean he's really a Jedi.


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Year 7 Day 259 1:30
Cloud City and Ben Kenobi never existed in the Combine. You are not Force Sensitive unless the database says you are, and no matter how many people put "I r t3h Jedi!!111" in their bio it doesn't make it true. In fact if people check your bio and notice that, a lot of them are likely to take you less seriously.

Also note that you want "rogue", not "rouge". Rouge is make up used to make cheeks look redder than they are.


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Year 7 Day 259 3:47
Cloud City did previously exist, but it was a mining faction, which was since dissolved and re-formed as Cloud City & BST Transportation, or whatever their insanely long faction name is. However, it isn't the same as the canonical Cloud City (which indeed does not exist).



Year 7 Day 259 10:23
Ok thank you I just wanna fit in and I just wanted any old story for my character.
I wrote this bio at school last year.
If it was taken seriously or not I don't care. (Bad spelling mistake ^_^) and I know I'm not force sensitive I just don't want to break the rules.

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Year 7 Day 259 11:22
Be advised that some people hunt down and kill the stupid. Calling yourself a Jedi and saying you met canon characters qualifies as that. Please put forth the effort to create an intelligent biography and description.


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