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Year 7 Day 259 0:54
Abidan Irvine
Abidan Irvine
I am currently stuck at this location.

Sector: Hapes Cluster
System: Hapan (143, 96)
Planet: Hapes (4, 4)
City: Haporium (4, 5)
Ground Position: (10, 19)

On top of a Commerce Center in a hover boat... >,>;;; I can't exit and whenever I try to move, it says this:

Journey Ending

Destination: (0, 0)

I have not tried to move to (0, 0) yet. If I'm missing something or there is a way to get 'un-stuck', please tell me.

Also, I 'accidently' >,>; rented the wrong vehicle. I have no way off the planet so I can not reset the vehicle renter person that way. If there is another way to reset it, so I no longer have the hoverboat and can choose another vehicle, could you please tell me?

Year 7 Day 260 5:39
Your best bet is to join a faction, they will come and pick you up, most likely give you a ship to get you off the planet!


Year 7 Day 260 9:47
Zeke, try reading - he's stuck on a building with his vehicle.

Abidan, you could try going to Position -> Enter, and see if you can get into the building. It'll leave the vehicle trapped, but at least you'll then be free to move around.


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Year 7 Day 260 14:02
Abidan Irvine
Abidan Irvine
I just did that actually, Hal. I came to report my findings ;p. It's weird though, I couldn't enter the place earlier, that's the reason I was stuck... lol. Kept moving around trying to enter it...

I am in a faction but I don't think I really should call for transport to just go up then back down. ;p