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Archives » Problem boarding ship and mail in my mail box dissapeared
Hi I need help

I was a little inactive for a couple of weeks due to a combination of work and school, which took my every waking moment. When I logged back on I could no longer enter my cockpit and when I exited my ship I could no longer board my ship.

Furthermore, all my mail in my mailbox dissapeared.

What happened?

Please help!!

I'll contact my head to see if somehow my assignment to my ship was accidentally removed. However, that would not explain my empty in and out box.

Thank you.

Leah Gentleeyes

Which mailbox are you talking about? If you mean your e-mail address, we can't help you with that since it's a third-party program. You'd have to check your settings and see if there's an option there which deletes mail after a few weeks. If you mean Darkness messaging, outgoing mails are deleted from your Sent Messages when the other party deletes the received message. I've no idea why your received messages would be removed without you manually deleting them, though.

Leah said she was gone for a few weeks. Mail disappears from your Darkness inbox after awhile too.


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