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Archives » I have a problem with my ears.
Year 7 Day 260 9:04
Tuskus Troguna
Tuskus Troguna
Ok, recently I picked up a pair of ears from 2 dead people. The only problem is that I can't drop them. I don't want them anymore because I think there talking to me. Someone please help. Thank you.

Edited By: Tuskus Troguna on Year 7 Day 265 8:10
Year 7 Day 260 9:44
Why can't you drop them? Dropping stuff worked fine for me a few days ago.


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Year 7 Day 260 10:04
Tuskus Troguna
Tuskus Troguna
I don't know why. I'm standing here and click drop. Then something comes up but it dissapears too fast to read.

Year 7 Day 260 12:23
Tuskus Troguna
Tuskus Troguna
Insufficient CapacityInsufficient Capacity

Thats what it says when I try to drop them.