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Year 7 Day 260 10:55
ok here it is, was about to move in sublight to another planet from the orbit of another. I went to the part to put in the co-ords but got this error message on a new black page : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare calculateplanewidetregionalshieldpower() (previously declared in in /var/www/localhost/php/davsk/shields/ on line 58

then the same again when i tried to go into my cockpit...after a couple of minutes it sorted itself out and is fine now....just wondering if its something to worry about?


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Year 7 Day 260 11:50
Sounds like somebody working on the implementation of planetary shields that's in the works. Generally it's best not to worry about transient problems like this. Anything that works itself out within a couple of hours (or minutes in this case) is a good indicator of somebody coding something or fixing a bug.


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