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Year 7 Day 263 12:28
Zeeka Milos
Zeeka Milos
I've been picking up NPCs, however there are a few who refuse to show up on the party list. I've verified they are assigned to me and at the same location.

Any idea why they refuse to party with me? I don't smell that bad. Do I?

NPC location:

Alejandro Vandergraff
Class: Conversational

Sector: Corellian
Galactic Position: Corellia (70, -32)
Planet Position: Selonia (14, 10)
City Position: YaY Selonia! (6, 8)
Ground Position: (0, 0)

I've have moved on to the next group.


Edited By: Zeeka Milos on Year 7 Day 263 13:16
Year 7 Day 263 13:02
Are you sure you don't already have too many in your party? The limit is 12, including yourself, I think.


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Year 7 Day 263 13:16
Zeeka Milos
Zeeka Milos
Not too many, I started with zero, click on party and nobody shows up.

Year 7 Day 264 0:53
When you're at their location, are you able to see them at all, or do they not show up anywhere?



Year 7 Day 264 3:57
Zeeka Milos
Zeeka Milos
When Iam at thier location. I can not see them, however they do show up on the scanner.

Year 7 Day 264 8:27
Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers
Those npcs were previously arrested and therefore can't be added to your party because nothing has been programmed to release npcs if they were arrested by someone else.

If you look around the city I've got a hundred npcs there myself and experienced the exact same problem.