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Archives » Registered with payed mail , yet rejected. How sad

I guess I've read a thread about if you won't get your password within 24 hours , you can get a new password at Lost Password link... Yeah.. I guess my e-mail got rejected.

I'll have to say ... This whole crap is just nonsense. I'd rather play Ogame instead of this OR even Starwars Galaxies.

Sad sad stupid way of getting members. I've got the right to say this. My opinion anyway.

1) List your e-mail address. It could have been a glitch. It happens.

2) Then go play them, where there are numerous multis, enabling cheating or grouping up.

3) No, you don't have a right to say it. Welcome to the internet. It's not the government, it's a private domain. They may censor whatever they wish.


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It's just horribly stupid . Lame for only a "strategy"game. Think. Oh and I cant say my opinion either? o.O

There is the possibility that you typed in your email incorrectly and your account was approved but you never received the first or second email.



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You can speak your opinion until a forum moderator decides you can't. The idea that you have some "right" to free speech on a private forum is fallacy.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Nobody wishes to hear the opinion of a fool. So either stop being foolish and post the e-mail and handle you tried to sign up with so somebody can check if something screwed up, or just sod off.


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In the interest of preventing a flame war, I'm closing this. If the anonymous poster has any desire to put a bit of effort into this, he may e-mail me at with the information he used to register so I can look into it. Otherwise, enjoy your other games.