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Aral Sanders
Aral Sanders
Is there a chance of detecting an unknown system? Or are all planets/systems listed completely in the galaxy map search?

If it is possible, is this planet/system visible to all upon detection or only if there is build a holonet access/satellite or revealed to all by decision of the explorer like the hidden city owner can decide to reveal the city?

Is it necessary to fly through a galactic position like e.g. 0, 0 to cover all squares with the scanner range or are suns and planets big enough to be seen without been in scanner range? So is an short look enough or do I have to explore the possible system (= galactic position) completely to be sure that there is no entity like a sun/planets a.s.o.

If a hidden city is detected by a player, does this mean that the city is revealed to all players or only to those who detected the city themself?

Thanks in advance for the patience to answer my questions.

Aral Sanders

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Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Yes, there are still hidden systems to be found.

It only shows up on the galaxy map when someone builds a holonet facility, revealing a city only makes that city show up on the planetary map, it won't make the system show on the galaxy map.

If you enter a system that's not empty, it show immediately.

No, it just means that they can see the city when at that location.

Aral Sanders
Aral Sanders
Thanks Kirit for your quick help!